Re-Bottled Totes 

Industrial Tote offers re-bottled totes, which combine a new bottle, new valve, and new lid, with a reconditioned cage and pallet. This economical combination not only reduces your packaging expenses, but also takes the environment into consideration by re-using reconditioned pallets and cages. Our re-bottled totes are offered in two sizes and can be ordered to meet your specific container needs. In addtion, we offer our totes in two valve types:

  • 2" Quick-Disconnect valve
  • 2" National Pipe Thread (NPT)


 Dimensions and Specs:

Capacity:           275 Gallons
          330 Gallons
Cage:           Tubular Steel
Pallet:           Steel
Valve Gasket Options:




Lid (Gasket):           6" Santoprene

          UN31 HA1/Y

Tote Dimensions:           Click Here



  Re-bottled totes can be ordered to meet specific FDA (food grade), Agricultural, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) requirements. Please call for additional order and pricing information.